- There’s nothing like a little spring cleaning.

An insider told Page Six that after Wendy Williamsfired estranged husband Kevin Hunter as an executive producer of her talk show in April, she converted his old office and gave the space to four audience coordinators.

“[Staffers] removed any trace of Kevin,” the source said. “It’s been completely gutted.”

We’re told portraits of Hunter and Williams were removed, though it’s unclear if Hunter took them home or if they were tossed out like he was. Hunter served as an executive producer on the show until Williams removed him from the post shortly after she filed for divorce.

Sources say Hunter’s absence has led to a bit of chaos on set.

“People didn’t like Kevin because he controlled access to Wendy,” the source said, “and now that he’s not there it’s chaotic in that people can walk up to Wendy now and before you couldn’t.”


Source PageSix
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