US Women’s Soccer Player Has Wedding Ring, Key To City Stolen From Hotel Room – U.S. women’s soccer player Allie Long’s time in France earned her some nice hardware: a World Cup trophy, first-place medal and a key to New York City, personally handed to her by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Now she’s searching for a copy to the latter.

Long and her husband, Jose Batista, were staying at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in downtown Los Angeles as the team appeared at Wednesday night’s ESPY Awards when someone apparently entered her room and stole her wedding ring and her key to the city, according to a high-ranking Los Angeles Police Department source.

The couple left their room and used the latch to prop the door open slightly while they visited someone else in the hotel, the source said.

Long and her husband returned to the room, but didn’t realize until Thursday morning that her jewelry, cash and key were missing.

An official told ABC News there is security video from the floor and it is currently being reviewed by LAPD detectives.

She tweeted about the incident Thursday night, asking de Blasio if he made copies.

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