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Top Drug Cartel Leader Abducted, Killed After Allegations of Working With Cops

According to reports, a top drug cartel leader named Carlos Enrique Sanchez was abducted and taken out after allegations surfaced claiming he was working with police.

Sanchez—also known as “El Cholo” reportedly started his own cartel a few years back, and a war was sparked in Guadalajara, which turned the city into one of the most violent spaces in Mexico.

Police on the case say that a body that was wrapped up in black garbage bags and left in a Guadalajara park was reportedly the body of El Cholo. Police said they thought the body was a mannequin at first, because of how tightly it was wrapped up in the bags. They said that two pieces of a bristol board that was stabbed in El Cholo reportedly marked the man.

News of this comes after video footage surfaced of El Cholo sitting in a lawn chair surrounded by men with guns who were believed to be members of the CJNG, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. In the video, it appears El Cholo was forced to read off all the police he claimed to have worked with to take out the CJNG, and also took blame for recent violent incidents that went down in Guadalajara.

Source: vice.com

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