The Raptors are silencing their skeptics – What Toronto did to Milwaukee in Game 5 was beyond the scope of what many thought this team was capable of accomplishing. It’s not that people don’t have tremendous respect and appreciation for what the Raptors have done this season, but come on. The Bucks had lost only one game at home during the playoffs and they had never lost three straight this season. Until now. What Game 5 proved is that the Raptors have far more in reserve than we’ve been led to believe. They took the initial Bucks punch — an 18-4 haymaker right from the opening tip — and wiped it out by the early stages of the second quarter. They took the second Bucks punch — a 10-0 uppercut at the start of the third quarter — and were within three by the end of the third. The stretch run was fantastic, high-stakes basketball. Each time the Bucks made a move, the Raps had a counter. Toronto won the 50-50 balls and controlled the offensive glass. The Raptors formed a wall to deny Giannis Antetokounmpo before he even got to the rim, and defended every inch of the court. The Bucks will be kicking themselves for how this game got away from them, but road games aren’t won in the playoffs because someone handed them to you. They have to be earned, and the Raptors took the game and the series by the throat. They were tougher, they were grittier, and they were savvier.


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