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Nicole Young Claims Dr. Dre Knocked Her Out ‘Cold’ in a Drunken Rage

According to reports, Dr. Dre’s estranged wife, Nicole Young, is alleging the legendary producer of knocking her “out cold” in a drunken rage.  The Blast recently obtained new court documents showing Nicole Young’s latest request for a restraining order. Nicole outlines several abusive incidents in the filing and claims Dre punched her “squarely in the […]

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Nicole Young cites vicious claims of abuse against Dr. Dre in new documents

In court documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight, Nicole Young claims that she has been under duress for years, including her famous husband pointing a gun at her head and abusing her to the degree that he “verbally and emotionally decimated my person-hood to the extent that I currently suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome.” The new claims against the […]

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Dr. Dre agrees to pay estranged wife Nicole Young $2M lump sum

Dr. Dre is now agreeing to pay his estranged wife the $2 million dollars she initially requested months ago but was denied by a Los Angeles County judge. However, it is a one-time payment, not the monthly stipend Nicole Young had sought. The 55-year-old hip-hop luminary seems to have had a change of heart ever since he […]

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Dr. Dre Allegedly Wants to Settle Divorce, Says It’s Becoming Too Expensive

According to reports, Dr. Dre is allegedly looking to settle his divorce with estranged wife Nicole Young, as the producer is saying it is becoming too expensive. The producer’s attorney appeared in court for a trial setting conference so they could see how far along both parties are in the case and if a trial […]

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Dr. Dre’s Business Partner Accuses Nicole Young of Stealing Another $30K

Previously, claims were made by Dr. Dre’s business partner Larry Chatman, who said Dr. Dre’s estranged wife allegedly embezzled $353,000 from their company’s bank account. Now, attorneys for Chatman are saying Nicole Young allegedly withdrew another $31,457 from the Record One studio business account, after her authorization to the accounts was legally removed. Larry Chatman’s […]

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Dr. Dre’s Estranged Wife Accuses Him of Hiding Assets and Domestic Violence

The tumultuousness of Dr. Dre’s and his estranged wife, Nicole Young’s divorce, remains on full display. In the latest episode, Nicole Young is accusing Dr. Dre of hiding assets and domestic abuse. Nicole alleges, in new court documents, that Dre has created a new holding company for what she claims is “community property,” namely, the […]

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Dr. Dre’s Estranged Wife Demands He Sit for 21-Hour Deposition

According to TMZ, Dr. Dre’s estranged wife has filed legal documents requesting that Dre sits with her lawyers for an extended deposition. Nicole Young wants Dr. Dre to sit through eight hours of questioning on the validity of the prenuptial agreement and another 13 hours regarding financial matters.  Nicole stated that Dre has already skipped […]

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Dr. Dre’s Estranged Wife Requests $2M a Month in Temporary Spousal Support

According to TMZ, Dr. Dre’s estranged wife, Nicole Young, has filed paperwork requesting $2 million in temporary spousal support. Nicole is looking for $1,936,399 a month, along with $5 million for legal fees. The number is staggering and sets the stage for potentially ugly divorce proceedings. Nicole’s latest request comes on the heels of an […]

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Nicole Young Requests Access to Dr. Dre’s Financial Records

In the latest update regarding Dr. Dre’s divorce, Nicole Young is requesting access to all of the producer’s financial information. She has subpoenaed his accountant for all of Dre’s business and accounting records over the last ten years and Dr. Dre is reportedly fighting back against this. “Throughout our marriage, I have maintained separate books […]

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Dr. Dre and Nas Spotted in the Studio Together

Dr. Dre and Nas have a long history together. Nas was the first New York rapper to work with Dre during the East Coast-West Coast feud and the two came together to form the rap supergroup, The Firm, which was one of the first releases on Aftermath Records. Though we haven’t seen a proper Dre […]

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Dr. Dre’s Wife Challenges Prenup, Claims It Was Voided

Just last week after news broke regarding the dissolution of Dr. Dre’s marriage, the legendary producer revealed that he a prenuptial agreement that would shield him from divvying up too much of his wealth in the divorce. However, Nicole Young has challenged the prenup and claims that it was voided two years after their marriage.  […]

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Dr. Dre’s Daughter says he “Pushed Her to Go to USC”
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