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President Trump Compares Baltimore’s Homicide Rate To Afghanistan, Other Countries

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RadioOnFire.com - President Donald Trump told his supporters Thursday night that Baltimore's homicide rate is higher than Afghanistan and other countries at his Ohio campaign rally.

"The homicide rate in Baltimore is significantly higher than El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala," Trump said during his speech.

A recent check shows that Baltimore is nearing the 200 mark for homicides so far this year, officials said.

"I believe it's higher than - give me a place that's pretty bad," Trump asked the crowd.

"The guy says Afghanistan," Trump said. "I believe it's higher than Afghanistan."

He further added that he will check the numbers, and "if we're wrong, they'll tell us tomorrow. It'll be headlines: 'Trump Exaggerated.' I do believe the rate is higher than Afghanistan."


Source WBAL
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