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Politicians push for gun control after 6 police officers shot in standoff

1 min read - Angry politicians are pushing for gun control after six Philadelphia police officers were shot and injured in a dramatic, hours-long shootout and standoff.

Officers were serving a narcotics warrant on suspected shooter Maurice Hill and had entered a North Philadelphia home when gunfire erupted Wednesday afternoon, authorities said.

Hill, armed with multiple guns, allegedly barricaded himself inside and fired from the first floor as he held two officers and three civilians hostage on the second floor, police said.

Gunfire rained down on police for hours. Gunshots ricocheted off sidewalks and homes as officers crawled and crouched behind cars to avoid getting hit.

"We in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have not done everything we're supposed to do. We are derelict in our duties and it's because the majority caucus is afraid of the NRA," Street said.

Six officers were struck by gunfire. And while they all survived and have been released from hospitals, local and state politicians came together in a desperate plea for gun control.

Fired-up state Sen. Sharif Street was among the officials speaking at a Thursday news conference where he called for the Pennsylvania state Legislature to act.

"We have work to do," he said. "The next time one of my colleagues offers their thoughts and prayers and pretends somehow that they are people of faith, I say until they show me some works, their faith is dead."

Source ABC
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