Police Charge Suspect In Shooting Of 2-Year-Old

RadioOnFire.com – Baltimore police have charged a man in the shooting of a 2-year-old boy that occurred during a road rage incident around midnight on Saturday.

Javon Johnson, 33, was charged Monday with attempted murder, assault and various handgun-related charges. He remains held at Central Booking.


Officers couldn’t immediately find a victim until a short time later when they were called to a hospital, where a toddler was taken with a gunshot wound to his stomach.

Police determined the child was in one of the vehicles involved in a road rage incident.

At a news conference on Saturday, Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said multiple cars didn’t move through a green light, and the driver of the car with the toddler inside blew the horn several times.

The driver then went around the cars before turning the corner.

“What we believe is that the driver of the first car at the light followed and then caught up to the victim’s vehicle and then fired from his gun into the victim’s vehicle, striking the child,” Harrison said at a Saturday news conference.

“Crimes like this simply cannot and will not be tolerated in a civilized society and in the great city of Baltimore.”


Source WBAL

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