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Mueller delivers a ‘gift’ to Trump for 2020 election

1 min read - The Mueller report, long thought by Democrats to be the key to ousting President Donald Trump, may instead become a powerful tool for his re-election campaign. After 22 months, special counsel Robert Mueller reported he found no evidence of anyone on the 2016 Trump campaign conspiring with the Russian government to throw that election, and Attorney General William Barr said he didn't see sufficient evidence to prosecute the president for obstruction of justice. Or, in Trump-speak: 'NO COLLUSION!' A defiant Trump described the investigation Sunday as "an illegal takedown that failed" and called for an inquiry into "the other side" — the government officials and Democrats who pursued the line that his campaign might have coordinated with Moscow. Trump will continue to make the case to the American voting public — with the Mueller investigation as Exhibit A — that he was target of a partisan "witch hunt" designed to hamstring his administration and reverse the results of the 2016 election.


Source NBCNews
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