Mosby Responds To Minnesota Prosecutor’s Claim She Rushed Charges In Freddie Gray Case

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Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby has responded to Minnesota Attorney Michael Freeman‘s claim that she rushed to charge those involved in Freddie Gray’s case.

Michael Freeman, a Hennepin County prosecutor, said Mosby rushed charges in Gray’s case and used Baltimore’s experience as justification not to rush charges in George Floyd’s case in Minneapolis. 

“We have to do this right, we have to prove it in a court of law and I will just point to you the comparison to what happened in Baltimore in the Gray case,” Freeman said. “There was a rush to charge, there was a rush to justice and all of those people were found not guilty. I will not rush to justice, I will do things right.”

Mosby responded in a statement:

“First and foremost, I send my heartfelt condolences to Mr. Floyd’s family who had to watch as their loved one was murdered on camera. For Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman to use my office to justify his inaction on the tragic and public killing of George Floyd is shameful. Saying that there was a ‘rush to charge, a rush to justice’ in the Freddie Gray case is demonstrably false. I stand by the decision I made 12 days after Freddie Gray was killed. I didn’t have video footage of a murder — evidence any prosecutor would dream of. Mr. Freeman needs to own his decisions and be courageous enough to decide whether or not to prosecute and pursue justice for the murder of George Floyd.”

Police arrested Floyd outside a Minneapolis grocery store Monday on reports of a counterfeit bill being used. A bystander’s video showed a white police officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes as he said he couldn’t breathe until he became unresponsive.

As of Friday, violent protests have broken out for three days straight in Minneapolis after Floyd’s death. 

Source: WBAL

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