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Mayor Young Postpones State Of City Address

RadioOnFire.com – City officials gathered together Wednesday morning to discuss the coronavirus situation in the city, and to announce that though the city does not have a positive coronavirus case, Mayor Jack Young is canceling the State of the City address.

All of the city’s cabinet members gathered together to discuss the virus’s status in the city- so far there are no positive patients in Baltimore, according to the City Health Commissioner.

Baltimore city leaders are working on plans to feed the vulnerable population in the event of an outbreak in the city, including seniors who rely on delivered meals and children who rely on school meals.

More than 166,000 people are on SNAP in Baltimore.

Baltimore City Labor Chief Deborah Moore-Carter said guidelines for city workers dealing with the virus will be published online later Wednesday.

She said they are relaxing leave policies and being more “flexible” so people can take care of themselves if they are sick or have to care for their sick children.

Baltimore City Fire Chief Niles Ford reminded the public that 911 is for emergencies only, and advised calling 211 for coronavirus questions.

They’ve developed screening so first responders are “aware of what they are walking into” and advised people to be “completely accurate” about their symptoms.

As for schools, Baltimore City Schools CEO Sonja Santelises said buses are being sanitized twice a day and to please keep all sick children at home.

They have also set up an internal team to disinfect schools if there is a case in a building, and for those that rely on help with meals they are working to provide a way to give food to students in the event of a closure.

City employees are now banned from traveling out of state until June, they said.

Source: WJZTV

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