Mayor Young & other elected officials get 2.5% raise

Radio On Fire 1 – On your job, you may have to produce positive to get a pay raise. However, in Baltimore the mayor, City Council and members of the liquor board are entitled to an automatic 2.5% pay increase if any union employees receive a raise in the city budget. So regardless of the condition of the city, Baltimore’s top elected officials got a pay raise as of Jan. 1

According to a 2007 law, the city that is supposedly strapped for cash when it really matters is increasing Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young’s salary from $185K to almost $190K.

Comptroller Joan Pratt and City Council President Brandon Scott saw a boost from $122,000 to about $125,000. While City Council VP Sharon Green Middleton rose from $79K to more than $80K.

The rest of the council members saw their pay go from about $71,000 to close to $73,000.

Liquor board members got the smallest bump, bringing their salaries up to a little more than $32,000.

The raises were triggered due to the fact that some local unions saw pay increases of at least 2% in the latest budget cycle, not because of the quality of work city officials produced.

Baltimore’s Board of Estimates reviewed the raises today but reportedly Young, Scott and Pratt did not vote.

Even though Mayor Young is making nearly $5K more, he still makes less than the Finance Director Henry Raymond’s $215K, the housing director’s Michael Braverman $200K or Police Commissioner Michael Harrison’s $275K.

Both Scott and Young claim they will donate their increases to charity.

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