Maryland State Police May Join Investigation Into Suiter Case – Maryland State Police may soon join the investigation into the 2017 death of Baltimore police Detective Sean Suiter.

“There have been preliminary discussions about Maryland State Police and the Baltimore Police Department conducting a joint review of the case,” state police spokesman Gary Sheridan said. “However, Maryland State Police will not be assuming responsibility for the investigation.”

Suiter was killed by a gunshot to his head fired at close range by his own service weapon. No fingerprints besides Suiter’s were found at the scene, and no suspect was ever developed.

While the Baltimore police investigation remains open, an independent panel concluded Suiter most likely took his own life. However, the state medical examiner has not changed the ruling on Suiter’s death from homicide, citing untraceable DNA evidence that could suggest a second person was involved, and a longer gap in private security camera video than the review panel initially concluded.

Suiter was fatally shot on the day before he was to testify before a grand jury on matters related to the Gun Trace Task Force. The review board panel concluded that even though he had limited federal immunity for what he would say on the stand, he had reason to worry about state charges and possible termination for his testimony.

Suiter’s widow has has said she believes her husband was murdered.

If the medical examiner changes the ruling on Suiter’s death to homicide, Suiter’s family would lose the lucrative benefits given to survivors of officers killed in the line of duty.

Source WBAL
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