Mon. Jun 17th, 2019

Kiely Williams VS Naturi Naughton!!! - Naturi Naughton has come a long way since her days in 3LW. After leaving the group in the early 2000’s, the singer went on to have a successful career as an actress and hasn’t looked back since —until now.

On the latest episode of TV One’s hit show ‘Uncensored’, Naturi opened up about everything from the infamous KFC chicken wing fight with her group mates Kiely Williams and Adrienne Bailon to her unsuccessful attempt to reach out to Lil Kim after portraying her in ‘Notorious’.

Naturi Naughton, formerly of the group 3LW, said Kentucky Fried Chicken was thrown in her face and she was left stranded in the food chain's parking lot. "[In our Suburban] Kiely and Adrienne were in the middle aisle and I was in the back by myself," she said on the show. "I said, 'I'm not the one that's trying to kick me out the group.

Don't be mad that the news is out, 'cause it's true!' There were some names called, some profanity thrown. Kiely turned around and threw a plate of food — mashed potatoes, chicken, whatever else was in there — in my face." After seeing the clip, Williams took to Instagram to share her side of the story, and she was adamant that her former bandmate was spreading lies.

Source BET


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