Judge orders Johnson & Johnson to pay $572M for role in OK opioid epidemic

RadioOnFire.com – $572 million dollars — that’s how much a judge says Johnson and Johnson owes the state of Oklahoma for creating a public nuisance over the opioid addiction crisis.

13 Investigates reported about insider emails and information from a DEA database¬†which pharmaceutical companies and distributors didn’t want the public to see.

Leaders in the addiction recovery community are saying the decision in Oklahoma is a great precedent.

Lawyers representing over 2000 communities in a federal case say this is “Another milestone amid the mounting evidence” that the pharmaceutical industry created, “…the largest public health crisis of our time.”

The Oklahoma case is the country’s first state trial against the companies accused of contributing to the widespread use of addictive painkillers.

Oklahoma argued Johnson and Johnson aggressively marketed the pills overstating their effectiveness and down-playing the addiction risk.

Today’s verdict gives hope to others around the country waging similar court battles.

Las Vegas attorney Robert Eglet is representing over a dozen Nevada counties and cities in lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson and several other companies. The local governments are seeking damages estimated at $4 billion for costs to emergency services and the court systems overwhelmed by the addiction epidemic.

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