Joycelyn Savage Details Allegedly Being Peed On and Starved by R. Kelly – Previously, Joycelyn Savage revealed that she would start telling some of the stories and incidents that went down while she was living with R. Kelly. In Savage’s latest entries that she wrote, Savage alleges that she was pregnant by Kelly in 2016. She said “I realized I was pregnant by this monster.

Eventually, I ended up getting an abortion I was forced to get the surgery done at his house.” Savage mentioned a few things she had to deal with while being with R. Kelly, saying “I’ve been peed on numerous of times I really didn’t want to say this but the truth needs to be heard.” She noted that there were lots of other girls being brought through his home, with some of them being younger than her.

Along with that, she said she was being used as a “punching bag” and said she was starved for one TMZ interview. “His assistant would starve me for days at a time until I learned it right word for word,” Savage wrote. Stay tuned for more details.

source: Chicago Sun-Times

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