Jay Inslee’s CNN town hall showed he wants to lead on climate

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RadioOnFire.com – Jay Inslee is running for president, he says, to do something about climate change, and his campaign has focused on the issue. His CNN town hall in Washington, DC, on Wednesday night showed that voters seem to like the focus — but also have other priorities they’d like addressed. Inslee, the second-term governor of Washington, began the town hall by saying that global warming would be his top priority as president. “I will make this pledge right now: If I am elected to this high honor, I will make defeating climate change the number one priority of the United States,” Inslee said. “And I believe I can accomplish that.” In a key moment, Inslee laid out his campaign’s intention: “There was only four minutes of climate change in the last three presidential debates.

I’m going to end that.” But over the hour-long event, Inslee spent a bulk of his time answering questions about other issues: health care, criminal justice reform, and the growing Boeing 737 Max scandal. It’s at these times when Inslee sounded less like the candidate he’s selling himself as — a laser-focused climate hawk — and more like a typical governor touting his record on a whole host of issues while running a fairly standard presidential campaign. In all, roughly a third of the town hall went to climate change. That’s a pretty significant portion for a presidential candidate’s town hall, which tend to run through as many issues as possible.


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