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It is Election Day in Metro Atlanta

RadioOnFire.com – It’s an off-year, electorally speaking — but plenty of metro Atlanta communities will hold important votes on Tuesday. There are scores of mayoral and city council seats up for grabs. In DeKalb County, a controversial ethics referendum is on the ballot. Henry County voters will decide if they want to pay a penny sales tax for another five years.


Nearly a dozen communities will also vote on “brunch bill” referendums, which would allow their local restaurants to start selling alcoholic beverages at 11 a.m. on Sundays.


Cherokee County

Ballots in the city of Canton will include a race for the open mayor’s seat and two contested city council races.

Councilman Bill Grant and retired educator Dwight Pullen will face off to replace departing Mayor Gene Hobgood.

Incumbent Joellen Wilson will look to fend off challengers Bob Reilly and Kathy Strom in the Ward 1 council race. Incumbent Farris Yawn will take on Brooke Schmidt for the Ward 3 seat.

Clayton County

In Morrow, Jeff DeTar will face off against Bonita Crawford and John Lampl to keep his seat as the Clayton County city’s mayor.

Crawford is a U.S. Army veteran and active member of Clayton County Emergency Preparedness program. Lampl is Morrow’s former city manager who is best known for his role in the failed Olde Town Morrow mixed-use development near Southlake Mall, in which he was charged with circumventing state building laws.

Other races: 

College Park

Mayor: Bianca Motley Broom, John Duke, Ronald Fears, Pamela Gay, Kaseem Ladipo, Jack Longino (I)

City Council Ward 1: Ambrose Clay (I), Thomas Kuzniacki, Kathleen McQueen

City Council Ward 3: Ken Allen, Sharronda Cody Boyd


Mayor: Joy Day (I), Jarrett Miller

City Council (choose three): Ed Wise (I), Joel Aviles, Cameron Dixon, Helen Meadows, Tracey Messick, Donya Sartor


City Council Post 2: Jeanell Bridges (I), Van T. Tran

City Council Post 4: Larry Ferguson (I), Gilda White Hutcheson, Khoa Vuong

Voters will also decide on a “brunch bill” referendum that would allow local restaurants to start serving alcohol at 11 a.m. on Sundays.


Mayor: Evelyn Wynn-Dixon (I), An’cel Davis

City Council Ward 2: Frank Cobbs Jr., Rodney Lawrence

City Council Ward 4: Kenneth Ruffin (I), Terry Windley


Cobb County

In Smyrna, five candidates are in the running to replace longtime Mayor Max Bacon, who has led the city for more than 30 years. Those candidates are Alex Backry, Ryan Campbell, Laura Mireles, Derek Norton and Steven Rasin.

Several Smyrna City Council seats are also contested, including the races for Ward 2 (incumbent Andrea Bluestein and Austin Wagner), Ward 3 (incumbent Maryline Blackburn and Travis Lindley), Ward 5 (incumbent Susan Wilkinson, James “JD” Smith and Suz Kaprich) and Ward 7 (David W. Monroe and Lewis A. Wheaton).

Other races:


Alderman Post 1: Butch Price (I), Crystal Bailey Williams

Alderman Post 3: Brett North (I), Salome W. Sadera


Mayor: Ollie Clemons (I), Ikaika Anderson, Chris Djonis, Cindy D. Thompson

City Council Ward 2: S. Brown, Devon D. Myrick

City Council At Large, Post 1: Melanie Maria Elder, Sarah Shurden


City Council Post 1: James Eaton (I), Karen Gitau, Antonio Jones

Powder Springs

City Council Post 1: Patrick Wayne Bordelon (I), Larry W. Thomas

City Council Post 2: Patricia Wisdom (I), Nancy Hudson, Guenevere Reed

DeKalb County

The entire county will vote on a referendum that would restructure DeKalb’s ethics board, after the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that the way its members are currently appointed is unconstitutional. Critics of the proposal say the restructuring would weaken the ethics board and reduce some of its powers.

Every city in DeKalb also has municipal elections for mayor or city council this fall; several incumbent mayors are facing challengers.

Other races:

Avondale Estates

Mayor: Jonathan Elmore (I), Clai Brown

City Commission: Brian Fisher (I), Marguerite Belline, Candace Jones, Dee Merriam


Mayor: John Ernst (I), Jennifer Heath

City Council District 3: Dimitrius Owens, Madeleine Norine Simmons

Residents will also vote whether to approve a property tax homestead exemption for the city.


City Council District 2: Shaun Lewis, Leslie Robson (I)

City Council District 3: Thomas Hogan (I), Karen Lupton

City Council At Large: Darron Kusman (I), Stephen Watson

Residents will also vote whether to approve a property tax homestead exemption for the city.


City Council (choose three): Andrea Cervone (I), Awet “Howard” Eyasu (I), Darara Timotewos Gubo, Laura Hopkins, Debra Johnson, Samuel Rai


City commissioner, District 1, Post B: Erin Braden, George Dusenbury

City commissioner, District 2, Post B: Lesa Mayer, Phillip Wiedower

City commissioner at large: Tony Powers (I), Christopher Gagnon


Mayor: Joseph Geierman, Donna Pittman (I), Tom Hart, MD Nasar

City Council District 1: Gerald Evans, Tom Owens, Andy Yeoman

City Council District 2: Danielle Brown, Jessica Killingsworth, Rebekah Cohen Morris

City Council District 2 (special election): Tammie Bailey, Chris Henshaw

City Council District 3: Shannon Hillard Cu (I), Maria Alexander


Mayor: Lynn Deutsch, Terry Nall

City Council At Large, Post 4: Stacey Harris, Robert Miller

City Council At Large, Post 5: Joe Seconder, Heyward Wescott


Mayor: Shameka Reynolds, Cindy Thomas

City Council (choose two): Darold Honore Jr., David McCoy, Vanneriah Wynn

Stone Mountain

City Council Post 1: Richard Mailman (I), Gina Stroud Cox, Richard Langley, Chancey Parker

City Council Post 2: Bernie Waller (I), Claus Friese, Clint Monroe

City Council Post 3: Chakira Johnson (I), Andrea Redmond


Mayor: Jason Lary (I), Diane Adoma, Charles Hill Jr.

City Council District 5 (special election): Nathan Alexander, Tammy Grimes, Barbara Hall, Dave Marcus, Virginia Pierce-Kelly, Christopher Seabrook


City Council Post 2, District 1: Bill Rosenfeld (I), Christine Bloodworth


Fayette County

Mayors Ed Johnson and Eric Dial are running unopposed in Fayetteville and Tyrone, respectively. But there are other contested races on the ballot in those municipalities, as well as in Peachtree City.

Other races:


City Council Post 1: Harlan Shirley (I), Darryl Langford, Phil Onyedumekwu

City Council Post 2: Kathaleen Brewer (I), Joe Clark, Oyin J. Mitchell, Kevin Pratt

Peachtree City

City Council Post 1: Phil Prebor (I), Oobi Childs, Morgan Hallmon

City Council Post 2: Mike King (I), Darryl Csicsila, Steven N. Newton


Town Council Post 1: Linda Howard (I), David Barlow

Town Council Post 2: Billy Campbell, Michael Edwards, Melissa Hill

Forsyth County

Voters in the city of Cumming will have one contested race to decide. Joey Cochran, Jason May and Brent Patrick are all running for the open Post 3 seat on the City Council.

Forsyth’s only city will also decide on a “brunch bill” referendum that would allow local restaurants to start serving alcohol at 11 a.m. on Sundays.

Fulton County

Residents of 12 cities in Fulton County cast ballots where the make-up of local leadership could change. That includes three longtime mayors of cities in southern Fulton County who face challengers.

For College Park, partially also in Clayton County, five people have stepped up to challenge the mayor, who has led the city since the Olympics came to Atlanta. In Hapeville, the 2.5-square-mile airport-adjacent city, the mayor has held the big seat since 2004. He faces one challenger. Palmetto’s mayor, who has led the city since 1986 (except for a break from 2008 to 2011 when he was beaten at the ballot box) also drew two challengers. The city is in both Fulton and Coweta counties.

Other races: 


City Council Post 6: Dan Merkel (I), Abu Bakkar Ngila Jalloh, Clifford Martin

Voters will also decide on two ballot measures to expand the city’s homestead property tax exemptions.

Chattahoochee Hills

City Council District 1: Ricky Stephens (I), Ruby Foster

City Council District 3: Anita McGinnis, Laurie Searle

City Council District 5: Troy Bettis, Sarah Davis, Renee Prince, Ross Williams

College Park

Mayor: Jack Longino (I), Bianca Motley Broom, John Duke, Ronald Fears, Pamela Gay, Kaseem Ladipo

City Council Ward 1: Ambrose Clay (I), Kathleen McQueen, Thomas Kuzniacki

City Council Ward 3: Ken Allen, Sharronda Cody Boyd

East Point

City Council Ward A: Davion Lewis, Lance Robertson

City Council Ward B: Thomas Calloway (I), Marie Terry

City Council Ward C: Myron Cook (I), Earnestine Pittman

City Council Ward D: Stephanie Gordon (I), Eddie Lee Brewster, Erica Clemmons Dean


At Large Council Seats (choose three): James A. Whitmore (I), Linda J. Davis (I), Patrick Pallend (I), Willis Earl Ray


Mayor: Alan Hallman (I), Rod Mack

Alderman At-Large: Michael T. Rast (I), Lucy Dolan, Brian Wismer

Voters will also decide on two ballot measures to expand the city’s homestead property tax exemptions.

Johns Creek

City Council Post 2: Royce Reinecke, Dilip Tunki, Brian Weaver

City Council Post 4: Chris Coughlin (I), Kent Altom, Marybeth Cooper, Adam Thomas

City Council Post 6: Erin Elwood, Judy LeFave, Issure C. Yang


City Council District 2, Post 2: Judy Burds, Paul Moore


Mayor: J. Clark Boddie (I), Michael Arnold, Torrance Stephens

City Council (top three vote-getters get a seat): Robert Deon Arnold, Scott Cannon, Robert Montgomery, Patty O’Hara-Willey (I), Larry Adam Parrott, Martell Pee, Teresa Thomas-Smith

City Council (unexpired term ends Dec. 31, 2021): Melis Andrade Espinoza, Nathan Slaton, Jessica Wilbanks


City Council Post 1: Marcelo Zapata (I), Donald J. Horton

City Council Post 2: Michael Palermo (I), Geoff Smith

City Council Post 3: Keith Goeke, Christine Hall, Lisa Holland, Kay Howell

Municipal Judge: Brian Hansford (I), Philip Mansell

South Fulton

City Council District 1: Catherine Foster Rowell (I), Mathis Ben Colquitt

City Council District 5: Rosie Jackson (I), Duane L. McClain, Corey Alan Reeves, Clyde Eugene Sampson II

City Council District 7: Mark Baker (I), Eric L. Richardson

Voters will also decide on separate ballot measures that would allow the city to use tax allocation districts and create a homestead exemption for residents.

Union City

City Council (choose two): Christina Hobbs (I), Tonya Isles, Brian Jones (I)


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