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Investigative Reports Reveal Naya Rivera Called Out For Help Before Drowning

The unexpected death of ‘Glee’ star Naya Rivera sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, and little to no details were available surrounding the cause of her death. Since then, it’s been noted that she, unfortunately, drowned after helping her son on to a boat after the two were swimming. Now, an investigative report into the death of Rivera has found more details surfacing.

The Ventura County Medical Examiner noted that Rivera reportedly called out for help before she drowned. The report said,

“Rivera helped her son onto the boat and then he then heard Naya yell ‘help’ and she put her arm in the air. She then disappeared into the water.”

The investigative report also noted Rivera suffered from vertigo, which would worsen “when she was in the water.” Rivera “would have vertigo to the point of vomiting, but she learned to control the symptoms with antihistamines.”

source: People

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