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Home Depot Under Fire After Co-Founder Vows to Donate to Trump’s Reelection

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RadioOnFire.com - With an estimated net worth of $5.9 billion, it was quite feasible that Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus was a Republican who supported Donald Trump. It didn’t need to go any further than that, for the sake of his company.

But there it was. Interwoven in a late June piece for the Atlanta Journal-Constitutionabout Marcus’ many financial contributions to the likes of the Georgia Aquarium, a trauma center, and a stroke and neuroscience center at Atlanta’s Grady Health System hospital, was a mention about his donations to Trump's presidential campaign.

While Marcus admits that Trump “sucks” at communicating, he believes that his president deserves some praise for boosting jobs in the United States, and taking action on foreign conflicts with Iran and North Korea.

Since Marcus informed AJC of his plans to support Trump’s re-election bid after donating $7 million to his campaign during the 2016 election, some Home Depot customers are threatening to take their business elsewhere, and encouraging anyone sponsored by the company to do the same.


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