- 26-year-old Dylan Ruffin was recently arrested but could be home soon after allegedly shooting at an elementary school across from his home while children played outside. According to reports, Ruffin fired one shot that shattered the window of a 3rd-grade class.

What was uncovered after Ruffin was detained, however, could point to why the man is already on his way to being released. Dylan is the grandson of billionaire Phil Ruffin who is part owner of the Trump International Las Vegas hotel and has a net worth of roughly $2.7 billion. Phil Ruffin was also a larger Trump campaign donor back in 2016.

Dylan Ruffin was formally charged with three counts of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and criminal discharge of a firearm. His bond was set at $500,000. It wasn't disclosed whether his billionaire grandfather will help defray the bail costs.

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