Gov. Hogan Stops Coronavirus Reopening Plan In Maryland

Maryland’s Gov. Larry Hogan said in a press conference today that the Coronavirus positivity rate for young Marylanders is 76.8% higher than that of older folks.

Hogan reported that 56% of Maryland’s new Coronavirus cases are people under 40.

“They’re sick enough to go to the hospital, but they’re not suffering the same severe complications as older individuals,”

Hogan said.

“But it is troubling nonetheless, and it is further proof that this virus can touch anyone, anywhere, at any age.”

Hogan said contact tracing has revealed that it’s not just high-risk activities that are troublesome when it comes to the coronavirus: 44% of COVID-19 patients attended family gatherings, 23% attended house parties and 21% attended outdoor events.

“Each of us has to be cautious and vigilant, and we can’t afford to let our guard down,”

Hogan said.

The increase in cases and conditions in other states signal the need for a pause in further reopening plans in Maryland, Hogan said.

The state is closely monitoring those public health metrics across the country.

Maryland is not on the federal list of 21 “Red Zone” states that was released yesterday. Those states have been urged to shut down parts of their economies and place limits on social gatherings.

Gov. Hogan said Maryland is at a fork in the road, a critical turning point where the state could either continue making progress, or the state could ignore the warnings and spike back up like much of the rest of the country.

DATA UPDATE: Maryland’s statewide positivity rate rose Wednesday to 4.77%. It has been below the 5% Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/World Health Organization goal for 34 days. Three jurisdictions — Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Prince George’s County — have positivity rates above 5%.

TESTING: The governor said the state is making unlimited supplies of tests available to any jurisdiction that needs them. To help address delays, the state advises Marylanders to use state-operated testing sites, which can turn around results in 24-48 hours. The governor said private labs have longer, unacceptable turn around times due to outbreaks in other states.

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