• Sat. Sep 19th, 2020


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Georgia Cop Fired for Beating Black Lyft Passenger Who Refused to Show ID

Video footage recently surfaced of a Black man pleading with Georgia cops for his life after they put a knee in his neck and continuously punched the man in the face after he allegedly refused to show his ID to them. The Lyft passenger along with his cousin and another person, were in a Lyft ride that was pulled over by police because of an alleged broken tail light. From there, the incident took place after officers asked the passengers to show their ID.

Since then, photos have surfaced of the Black Lyft passenger, who was seen with a swollen black eye and bruises. As a result of the incident, the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement on the incident. The Sheriff’s office said, “the Deputy who repeatedly struck Roderick Walker is being terminated from the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office by order of Sheriff Victor Hill for excessive use of force.”

source: TMZ

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