Fans Haven’t Received Soulja Boy Products 4 Months After Ordering

Radio On Fire – According to Complex, fans who ordered SouljaWatches and other Soulja Boy-branded electronics four months ago still haven’t received their orders.

Soulja Boy gained attention in late 2018 after announcing that he was releasing a smartwatch and a gaming console, which led to a lawsuit from Nintendo. As a result, the gaming console was taken off of

Fans were complaining that they hadn’t received their orders at the start of the year, and Soulja Boy revealed that they had more orders than expected, which was slowing things down. Various people have emailed Complex to speak about their dissatisfaction with Soulja Boy’s new business venture after never getting their orders. Complex also reported that multiple customers are considering a class action lawsuit.

Soulja Boy has yet to publicly address the situation and customers are claiming that their emails to Soulja Boy’s customer service have gone unanswered.

Source: Complex
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