• Tue. Sep 22nd, 2020


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Dr. Anthony Fauci Claims U.S. Won’t Be Back Normal Until End of 2021

Dr. Anthony Fauci—the White Health advisor who previously spoke on society never getting back to “normal” after Coronavirus, is now saying the United States won’t get back to normal until late 2021.

Fauci recently made an appearance on MSNBC for ‘Andrea Mitchell Reports’ and noted that he’s confident about a Coronavirus vaccine becoming available by early 2021. Fauci said,

“But by the time you mobilize the distribution of the vaccine and get a majority or more of the population vaccinated and protected, that’s likely not going to happen until the end of 2021. If you’re talking about getting back to a degree of normality prior to COVID, it’s going to be well into 2021, towards the end of 2021.”

Fauci pointed out concern over states opening up restaurants and other indoor activities, saying, “Being indoors absolutely increases the risk [of COVID-19]. I am concerned when I see things starting indoors, and that becomes more compelling when you move into fall and winter season.”

source: NBC News

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