- A Baltimore City councilman said Wednesday he's been told recovery from the ransomware attack on city government could take anywhere from three weeks to three months.

"It's been, I would say, frustrating--from the government side, it's been very frustrating," 4th district Councilman Bill Henry said. "I'm sure it's just as if not more frustrating from the side of constituents who are trying to reach us."

Hackers demanded 13 Bitcoin. At the start of the hack, that was equivalent to around $75,000. However, the same amount of Bitcoin ran more than $100,000 on Wednesday.

As the outage drags on, city permits and real estate deals are being held up. City officials have no date for when systems will be back up. Real estate transactions should resume late next week, and it's safe to use city websites even as city systems remain down.

Source WBAL


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