Cops Investigate Multiple ATM Thefts Throughout Baltimore

Radio On Fire – Baltimore police are investigating at least 12 ATM thefts throughout the city; the most recent theft occurred early Thanksgiving morning in Southwest Baltimore.

Police were called to a corner store around 2 a.m. Thursday after a car crashed through the wall of a corner store in Edmondson Village.

Employees told police after the car crashed through the wall, thieves went inside the business and stole an ATM. Emergency construction took place Thursday to repair the gaping hole in the wall of the store, police said. The crime took place right under a city blue light surveillance camera.

Last week, a similar incident occurred directly across the street. On top of that, police report three men broke into a corner store in Northwest Baltimore to steal an ATM. The men then stuffed the ATM into an Acura with no tags before fleeing the scene.

In two other cases in the city, thieves used a stolen U-haul truck. In another case, the thieves utilized a white van.

Police report they have been investigating at least 12 ATM thefts throughout the city since Nov. 1.

“It just seems like the southwest area is under attack,” Harold Diggs, president of the Community Association, told WBAL-TV 11. “We are trying to figure out what we can do to combat this, you know, so we are going to need everybody to help us out.”

Residents are speaking out after the thefts, stating it is disrupting their quality of life as well as claiming the crime is a bad influence on children, WBAL-TV 11 reports.

“[It’s] too crazy in a neighborhood where people are supposed to be standing strong for each other,” a resident, only identified as M, told WBAL-TV 11.

Police officials have not said whether they believe any of the incidents are connected but did say they are working to combat the issue.

“We just need the community to kind of come together now,” Diggs said. “We really need all of our patrons, all of our residents, all our commercial businesses to actually start to come together so we can have a good plan on how we are going to move forward.”

Residents plan to meet to discuss plans to take action to prevent further thefts.

Source WBAL

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