Conspiracy Theories are Absolutely Corroding the Fabric of America.

We need a president who deals in facts, not dangerous conspiracy theories. The biggest conspiracy theorist in the world is Donald Trump.

Because of Trump, what started out as dangerous but fringe conspiracy theories have now entered the mainstream of American politics.

The Manchurian Candidate.

Donald Trump.

The difference?

The first is a fiction about a President controlled by a foreign power. The second is a President controlled by a foreign power who spews fiction.

1. Vote as soon as possible after early voting opens.

2. Bypass the USPS. Vote in person with a paper ballot, or drop off an absentee/mail-in ballot (don’t forget masking and distancing).


In many states, in-person votes are counted before mail-in votes. Better do in-person paper (not machine!) voting, with a mask and social distancing, so Trump does not have an early Election Night lead and declare victory. THIS IS IMPORTANT!

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