Sun. Jun 16th, 2019

Comptroller: Tax Day Deadline - On Friday, the IRS reported that 50 million taxpayers still have yet to file their tax returns.

Today is the deadline to file your taxes.

Peter Franchot, the Comptroller of Maryland, joined WBAL's NewsRadio Bryan Nehman in the studio to discuss tax day.

Franchot stated that even though he is a tax collector, he is on your side and there to help.

Marylanders have until midnight tonight to file their taxes. If you're afraid you will owe taxes, Franchot stated a few options to help taxpayers out.

"They just need to relax, communicate with us over the website, or the 800 MD taxes number, or at one of our 12 branch offices. If at the end of the day, you can't really figure anything out send me a note." Franchot told Bryan Nehman. "We'll put you on a liberal payment plan; we have a lot of flexibility as far as interest and penalty payments."

For more information or help filing your tax return, visit the comptroller's website at


Source WBAL
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