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Companies like Buffalo Wild Wings should not be supported!

RadioOnFire.com – A group of black Americans who left Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant after staff tried to move them to appease a racist regular spoke out in a recent press conference.


An attorney representing a group of black customers who say they were asked to change tables at a Chicago-area Buffalo Wild Wings because of their skin color urged the restaurant chain Tuesday to make wholesale changes to avoid a discrimination lawsuit.


Some children who attended the birthday party Oct. 26 in Naperville broke into tears during a news conference. Two of the adult attendees of the party described what happened, and attorney Cannon Lambert laid out a list of hiring and training demands for the company.


Justin Vahl, one of the adults at the child’s party, recalled walking into the restaurant with a group of nearly 20 people – some as young as 5 years old – and the host promptly asking what race he was.


When Vahl inquired as to why that mattered, he said the host responded, “We have a regular customer here who doesn’t want to sit around black people.”


“I was appalled,” Vahl said.


“The time has long passed for Black Americans to stop supporting big corporations that disrespect us!” says Diamond K of Radio On Fire. The radio host ranted against the food chain on a recent edition of the Father & Son News Show.


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