- Amid the Mayor Catherine Pugh "Healthy Holly" book scandal, the Baltimore City Council is considering four bills that could limit the powers of future mayors, including giving the council power to remove a sitting mayor.

The current charter only allows a sitting mayor of Baltimore to be removed after being charged and convicted of a crime.

At Monday night's regular City Council meeting, members presented several changes to the city's charter to reduce the number of votes needed for a veto override, measures to allow council members more say in the budgeting process and give the council power to remove a sitting mayor from office.

Ex-Officio Mayor Bernard C. "Jack" Young said that he is in favor of the charter changes.

"You can remove council people, the council president, the comptroller, but there's no mechanism to remove a mayor, and that piece is really, really important, and I support that," Young said.

Young has aspirations to run for City Council president, but said that he does not want to run for Mayor.

Mayor Pugh remains on leave and under medical care as she faces scrutiny from the FBI and IRS.

Source WBAL
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