Broward Sheriff vows to ‘Thoroughly Investigate’ Violent Arrest of Teen

Radio On Fire – Over the weekend, the video of a brutal arrest of an unarmed teen in Florida went viral after millions saw evidence of police brutality, leading the deputy to be placed on “restricted administrative assignment for the Use of Force.”

More recently, Sheriff Gregory Tony has promised a “thorough investigation” into the incident, asking the public in a recorded statement for patience as the police work to ensure that justice will be served.

“I wanted to assure you that this incident is being conducted under thorough investigation. We will look at this as a fact-finding measure to be sure we hold folks accountable,” Sheriff Tony said to the camera without any reporters present, adding that “I’m not reading from a script to you.  Roughly 90 days ago, I was appointed to this position exclusively about accountability, and that accountability will be held not just for sake of when we are right but in the cases when we may be wrong.”

From there he offered continued transparency during the investigation, while once more urging the community to “please be patient with us.”

With that said, not everyone was satisfied with the Sheriff’s statement, as Mysonne recently took to social media to say “This is unbelievable!! What more do you need to investigate??” Mysonne then added that “you can’t expect Us to have ANY faith in the legal system when this is how you treat obvious injustices!!… and once again the token black man is sent to appease us!! ..These officers should be suspended and charged with assault!!”

Meanwhile, the unidentified teen was reportedly charged with assault, resisting arrest, and trespassing after the police responded to a call about teenagers fighting in a McDonald’s parking lot.

Source: CBS
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