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Bow Wow Accused of Punching Pregnant Kiyomi Leslie in Leaked Audio

Last year, Bow Wow and ex-girlfriend Kiyomi Leslie were both arrested after a physical altercation. It was later reported that Leslie claimed that the rapper hit her “in places no one will believe” during her 911 call. The former couple’s relationship is in the news again after leaked audio allegedly includes the both of them arguing. There’s no confirmation if the audio is directly related to last year’s domestic dispute, but it highlights previous claims made by Leslie.

“This man hit me in my stomach,” Leslie allegedly said in the clip before an unidentified person later replies, “He knows she’s pregnant why hit her in her stomach?”

The clip skips to what sounds like a separate incident where Leslie and Bow Wow are in a heated argument.

“I want to leave,” Leslie said as a man believed to be Bow Wow threatens her. “You can’t break something you ain’t make. I ain’t nobody so let me leave. If I’m not nobody so let me leave. I’m nobody, but you got me in this room like a f****** prisoner. Why can’t I leave? I gotta fight you to get out the room?”

“She think I’m playing, like I will not take my whole 2019 to just f*** over her life and everybody she involved with,” Bow Wow allegedly said to another individual in the room.

As the argument continues, Leslie allegedly says, “You swore to God you’d never hit me again, but we here,” before asking the other individuals to stay in the room.

Neither Bow Wow nor Kiyomi Leslie have responded to the leaked audio.

Source: HipHopDX

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