Baltimore Police Crime Plan Focuses On Micro Zones, Cooperation

Radio On Fire – Baltimore police on Thursday issued a five-year strategy to refocus the department and reduce crime. The plan focuses on community-oriented and intelligence-led policing and cooperation with outside partners.

BPD Crime and Department Transformation Plan

BPD Crime Reduction Strategy

Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said the new policy establishes performance goals, returns shooting and robbery detectives back to the district level, puts civilians in professional roles now handled by sworn officers and aims to strengthen the department’s relationship with state and federal partners and major city institutions.

The plan uses a five-year history of gun violence to define specific four-square-block hot spots, known as micro zones. Patrol officers are required to spend time in those areas three times per shift. The commissioner said these areas represent 5% of the city’s geography but are the location of 33% of the gun violence that occurs.

Patrol officers must also conduct what the plan calls “knock and talks” with paroled gun offenders, similar to efforts known as “call-ins” with offenders. They must also conduct checks on businesses.

Source WBAL
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