• Fri. Sep 18th, 2020


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Baltimore Comptroller Joan Pratt is Under Investigation

RadioOnFire.com – Baltimore City Comptroller Joan Pratt is named in a new inspector general report released Thursday that calls out conflicts of interest.

The report claims Pratt voted on 30 different items totaling $48 million that involved organizations Pratt had listed as groups on which she would have to abstain voting, including Bethel AME Church, where she is a member.

Pratt responded to the report Thursday afternoon, telling 11 News, “Despite the fact that those issues were approved unanimously by every city agency involved and every member of the Board of Estimates, I accepted responsibility for my vote.”

Pratt added that she requested more time to provide extra information, but the report was published before she was able to and she thinks an internal investigation will prove her point.


Source: WBAL

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