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Are calls for 2020 candidates to reject big money hurting candidates of color?

1 min read - A new fight has erupted in the battle over big money in the 2020 White House election: Outside groups that support candidates of color are warning that calls for presidential contenders to disavow super PACs risk cutting off a crucial avenue for engaging minority voters.

"We agree that money in politics is a problem," said Quentin James, the co-founder of The Collective PAC, a super PAC that has supported African-American candidates. "But the way to solve that is not to put our hands behind our backs and try to fight this battle in 2020."
The pushback comes as the crowded Democratic field faces pressure from progressives to take stands to keep special-interest money out of the Democratic nomination process. Most of the 2020 candidates have rejected money from corporate PACs, and many have said they do not want single-candidate super PACs engaged in their races.
Source CNN
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