18 People Shot In NYC On Monday, Crime Rate At Highest Since 2000s

According to reports, at least 17 people were shot in New York City this past Monday. Police are thrown off by the number, because that would be considered high for a weekend, but it happened on a Monday, which has authorities alarmed.

Police sources noted Brooklyn had the most shooting incidents, clocking in at 10, and 12 people were victims of the shootings. An anonymous high-ranking police officer in Brooklyn spoke on the matter, saying, “Those numbers would be high for a Friday or Saturday, but for a Monday they are astronomical.”

Five people were reportedly shot in three separate shootings that took place in Canarsie, Brooklyn on Monday night. The incidents allegedly happened within a 15-minute span. Another shooting that went down in East Harlem found a 17-year-old being hit in the head by a bullet while standing in the courtyard of the George Washington Houses. The remaining victims of the shooting are reportedly expected to survive.

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